SWAN SONG -- the 'noir' mystery with a new chapter every week!

"Los Angeles is a town that's always thrived on beautiful women who've run out of options."  -- Del Wilson

SWAN SONG is the story of a modern-day Los Angeles detective obsessed with solving an infamous 1947 murder.  Although the crime is nearly sixty years old, many people associated with it are still alive, and some have plenty to lose if the crime is solved.  And the detective knows that either he's having a mental breakdown, or else his client is truly the ghost of the victim.

CAST OF CHARACTERS -- Here are some of the people you'll meet in SWAN SONG:

SCOTT LINDER is in his early 30s, handsome, muscular, bright.  He's a former newspaper researcher-turned-private detective.  He'd rather be doing something that feels more substantial with his life, but at the moment, he has no ideas.

DR.. TRACY CARTWRIGHT  is 30, striking, witty and competant.  She's an ER doctor, and just the person you'd want if you needed a bullet extracted.  She and Scott have been on the edge of being involved for a couple of years, but the idea has never jelled.   

DEL WILSON is in his 70s, a retired news crime photographer, and despite the disparity in their ages, he's Scott's closest friend.  Back in 1947, he was first at the SWAN SONG crime scene.

CHARLES ARMSTRONG is in his 70s, former associate of Howard Hughes, head of an aviation design firm.  His hiring Scott to stop suspected corporate espionage is what sets the story in motion. 

BOB ANDERSON is a big, brusk bear of a man who claims he wants to hire Scott to find out if his business-partner is skimming.  But that's far from the whole story.   

POLICE DETECTIVE RITCHIE is in his 40s.  He's a dedicated, no-nonsense cop with a short fuse, and if he has any sense of humor, he keeps it hidden.  He considers Scott Linder, and all private detectives, parasites.

PETE HELLINGER is an odd, bookish loser in his late 30s, in his felt hat and pin-stripe suit, even though it's 2007.  He's clever and likable, but unstable, and obsessed with the SWAN SONG MURDER CASE.

MATTHEW HOPKINS is in his 40s, a college history professor and conspiracy-nut writing a book about the SWAN SONG MURDER CASE.

EVELYN O'NEILL is the victim of the SWAN SONG MURDER CASE.  A raven-haired beauty who came to Hollywood to be a star, but remained an unknown until the day her bisected body was found.  She's forever 26 years old, a ghost from 1947, who hires Scott to find her killer.