SWAN SONG -- the 'noir' mystery with a new chapter every week!

I'm building this website becauae I want to get SWAN SONG made into a film, and I've been frustrated in following all of the traditional film-industry paths.  I'm not a novice -- I've been a working screenwriter for a couple of decades, I've had movies made.  But my agent has been having one helluvah time just getting people to sit down and read the script, no less buy it.  They ask him, "What's the genre?"

He tells them, "It's a noir crime thriller."

"Thanks, but we've got something similar in development."

He tells them, "It's a supernatural thriller."

"Thanks, but we've got something similar in development."

He tells them, "It's a time-travel story." 

"Thanks, but we've got something similar in development."

He tells them, "It's a noir crime thriller, with lots of romance and humor, some supernatural elements, and a little time-travel."

"That's not a genre, that's five genres.  How do we market a movie like that?"

He tells them, "I don't know.  Why don't you read the script and see what you think?"

"When you can tell us how to market it, we'll read it."

I figured if I could just get them to start reading it, I'd have them.  And to make it even easier on them, why not have them just listen?  Why not dramatize it, so when they're sitting in their Jags, stalled on the 405 on the way to the studio, they could pop it in theCD?  I hired a terrific cast, a brilliant audio crew, and we created a dramatic-radio version of the first forty minutes of the story, and gave it to industry types along with the screenplay.  BUT IT STILL DIDN'T WORK, BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO DAMNED LAZY EVEN TO LISTEN TO A CD!!! 

Well, since I obviously don't know how to reach THEM, I'm coming after YOU, and putting my pitch on-line.  As you navigate around the website, you'll see what SWAN SONG is about, and you'll hear it, too.  Every week I'm going to put up a new five-minute audio-chapter, with visuals for you non-radio types.  I'll also put up the screenplay in matching chunks.  In eight weeks I should have all forty minutes up for you to listen to.  See what you think.  Please send me your comments, your suggestions about how to put this film together, how to make it better, what actors you think would be right for which roles, who you think the script should be offered to.  If you are a potential investor, or if you know any, let me know!  I'm also going to have some games and puzzles and contests, to bribe you to keep coming back!  Thanks for your time and your input!