SWAN SONG -- the 'noir' mystery with a new chapter every week!

 In putting this show together, I was terribly lucky to attract some terrific acting and technical talent.  Shortly I'll have biographies and link, but for now it's just the names. 


as Scott Linder -- Sam Argenio -- bio and link

as Evelyn O'Neill -- Deborah Marlowe -- bio and link

as Charles Armstrong and Det. Ritchie -- Pat Fraley -- bio and link

as Del Wilson -- Charles Kahlenberg -- bio and link

as Dr. Tracy Cartwright -- Kate Russo -- bio and link

as Raul and Bob Anderson -- Daniel Brockley -- bio and link


Sound Recorder and Mixer -- R.D. Floyd -- bio and link

Studio Facilities -- Paul Vitello -- bio and link

Writer and Director -- Henry C. Parke -- bio and link